Logistics Software

Intergrated software solution for delivery management companies. Includes a customer portal for importing and printing barcode labels and manifests. Route Optimisation, Route Despatch and TomTom Webfleet integration. Andriod mobile application for drivers and warehouse staff allowing for cross docking, driver hours and POD signature capture.

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Optimised Routing

Route optimisation allows you to plan your routes in minutes. So you save time and money by planning and executing the most efficiant route.

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TomTom Webfleet

Auto despatch to TOMTOM WebFleet. Add sms, email or other features to status messages and events. Allow your customer access to ETA and tracking.

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Case Studies

We provide the hosted website and bespoke versions of the software. Check out our case studies to see how our customers get return on investment.

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Distance API

Postcode Lookup

Try our route distace calculator now.

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Mobile Workers

Html5 offline features allows for driver and warehouse users to manage data offline. So once the internet connection is restored the data is automatically synced.

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Pallet Networks

Integrated Manifest and POD with major pallet networks. PalletForce and United Pallet Network. Click here for more info.

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We provide a CLR assembly for sql server. Get distance and Geocode from sql stored procedure. Despatch to tomtom and many other api calls.

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